History of computer. Generation of computer

computer were preceded by many devices developed by mankind for their computing requirements. However many centuries elapsed before technology was adequately advanced to develop computers.

The key developments that took place till the first computer was developed are as follows

Invention :-  Abacus

Inventor :- china

Time:- 16th century

Characteristics :-First mechanical calculating

Applications:- Used for addition and  subtraction operations

Invention:-Napier’s Bones 

Inventor:-john Napier


Characteristics :- Three dimensional structure .Holding number 0 to 9 only

Applications:-perform multiplication  on number technology used for calculation called Rabdologia.

Invention:-Slide Rule

Inventor:-William Oughtred

Time:-    1622

Characteristics :- It is also known as slipstick.

Applications:-It was primarily used for multiplication and division it was also used for roots.

logarithms and trigonometry functions.


Inventor:- Blaise Pascal

Time:- 1642

Characteristics :-First mechanical adding machine. The term carry was introduced in this  period.

Applications:-perform addition and subtraction of two numbers

Invention:-Leibniz’s  calculating machine

Inventor:-  Gottfried Wilhelm von  Leibniz

Time:-  1671

Characteristics :-It is also called Reckoning machine.

Applications:- This machine was capable of doing addition , subtraction  multiplication and division. It is now being used in speedometers of cars and    scooter.

Invention:-Jacquard’s Loom

Inventor:- joseph  jacquard

Time:- 1804

Characteristics :-First mechanical weaving machine used punched

Applications:-Simplified the process of textiles cards.

Invention:-Difference Engine

Inventor:- Charles  Babbage

Time:-  1822

Characteristics :- The name is derived from  the method of divided  differences.

Applications:- It was designed to tabulate polynomial functions. This machine is capable of calculating various algebraic functions accurately near 20th place after decimal.

Invention:-analytical engine

Inventor:- charles babbage

Time:- 1837

Characteristics :-First general purpose computer

Applications:- It was a decimal machine used sign and magnitude for representation of a number

Invention:-Tabulating Machine

Inventor:-Herman Hollerith


Characteristics :- It used punched cards with round holes. Read one card at a  time

Applications:- It was the first electromechanical machine which was designed to process the data for census in 1890


Inventor:-Howard Aiken


Characteristics :-Consists of interlocking panels of small glass. counters , switches and controls circuits.

Applications:-Mainly used in the war effort during world war-II


Inventor:-JP Eckert and JW Mauchly


Characteristics :-It is a combination of twenty accumulators. First electronics digital computer.

Applications:-Used for weather prediction, atomic energy calculation and other scientific uses.


Inventor:-Maurice Wilkes


Characteristics :-It was a first computer which provided storage capacity. First computer program was run on machine.

Applications:-Used mercury delay lines for memory and vacuum tubes for logic.


Inventor:-John Von Neumann


Characteristics :-This computer had almost 6000 vacuum tubes and 12000 diodes and consumed 56 KW of power

Applications:-It was a binary computer and capable of storing programs.


Inventor:-JP Eckert and JW Mauchly


Characteristics :-First general purpose electronic computer with large amount of input and output



Generation of computers

A generation refers to the state of improvement in the development of system. Computers are made up of electromechanical, before generation. Each generation of computer is characterised by a major technological development that fundamentally changed the way.

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