Hacker History

History of hacker or criminal activity:

  1. Robert T. Morris

In  1998, Cornell university student Robert  T. Morris, Jr. , created what is considering to be the first Internet worm. Due to an oversight in the design of the worm, it replicated extremely quickly , indiscriminately resulting in widespread slowdowns affecting the who,le internet.

  1. Kevin Lee Poulsen

In 1994, Kevin Lee Poulsen, going by the name Dark Dante, took over the telephone lines of the entire Los Angeles-based radio station KIIS-FM to ensure the would be the 102nd caller in order to win  a Porsche 944 S2. Poulsen has the notable distinction of being first to be banned from using the Internet after his release from prison ( though the ban was for only a limited time).

  1. David L. Smith

In 1999, David L. Smith created the Melissa virus , which was designed to email itself to entries in a user’s address book and later delete files on the infected system

  1. Jan de Wit

In 2001, Jan de Wit authored the Anna Kournikova virus , which was designed to read all the entries of the user’s  Outlook  address book and email itself to each.

  1. Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon connected to deleted critical files on U.S. military networks, including information on weapons and other systems . He performed this action after compromising roughly 2000 computer system inside the U.S military’s network.


  1. Adam Botbyl

In 2004, Adam Botbyl together with two friends , conspired to steal credit card information from the Lowe’s hardware chain.

  1. Cameron Lacroix

In 2005, Cameron Lacroix hacked into the phone of celebrity Paris Hilton and also participated in an attack against the site LexisNexis, online public record aggregator, ultimately exposing thousands of personal rec


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