Gaming PC

Gaming PC

Gaming PC is basically designed for playing games on the PC, various types of gaming software are now available in the market. The quality of gaming software has enhanced in last few decades. Now the gaming software also requires high hardware specification. Gaming software available in the market today is not compatible with any general PC. To run the high-quality gaming software smoothly, specialized hardware is required which is not available in a general PC. This is the reason why a specialized gaming PC is required for playing various computer games that are now available in the market.


Home Theatre PC

Home Theatre of PC is mainly used for playing music and movies. This type of PC has high audio, video and display features. Apart from that this type of PC also uses high quality sound card and graphic adapter card that can provide high resolution videos and images. Home Theatre PC (HTPC) is also called as “Living Room PC”. It is basically an entertainment system in which you can perform all standard tasks that can be performed on a standard PC. It is similar to TV interface but is customizable in such a way that the function of DVD player, video player and audio player are also incorporated in it. The modern HTPC also provide the facility to connect the TV tuner.

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