External Storage Device

External Storage Device

One of the more common external storage devices in this day and age are external storage device. An external storage device is similar to a hard drive you’d find in a computer.

The difference between the two, however, is that an external storage device is portable and connects to a computer via a USB cable or even without a wire. And it can connect with other computers, unlike an internal hard drive.

An external storage device has a high storage capacity. Its storage capacity can range from 500MB to 2TB.

Aside from storing random data, there are many specific uses for an external storage device. You can use it to store back-up data for your internal hard disks, or you can partition it so you can use it to share with other people.

External storage device are among the best external memory storage options for users out there right now. With their portability and massive storage capacity, this comes as no surprise.


Types of External Storage

1. CD

2. DVD

3. External Hard Drives

4. Flash Drive

5. PC Card/PC External Memory

6. Memory Card

7. Online/Cloud Storage

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