Exploring RAM and its Types

Exploring RAM and its Types

As discussed earlier, for a computer to perform operations, a storage area is required where data and programs can be stored. Such area us termed as system memory and RAM is a volatile form of system memory. Random Access Memory (RAM) is also called direct access memory as each byte in the entire memory can be accessed directly. RAM stores data in the form of rows and columns in an array of transistors and capacitors. In RAM, the absence or presence of electric charge within a series of microchips called RAM chips signifies the storage of data. For retrieving location at specific addresses, RAM chips use a memory-controller circuit. The chips must constantly be refreshed with electric pulses to keep up with the charges. When the computer is turned off, the data contained in RAM is lost. For the same reason, RAM is volatile.

RAM plays a crucial role in keeping up with the performance of the computer as it is good in processing the speed of the computer machine. The larger the size of RAM, larger the processing space. The data stored in RAM measured in bytes. Most computers generally have 4GB to 8GB of RAM. is Today, with advancing technology, new software consume more memory space. If your machine doesn’t have enough RAM, the memory space can be extended to secondary storage (disk memory) but the disk access time is more than the time required to access RAM.

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