Display Device

Display Device

Display devices are used as output devices when a connection is provided to a single or multiple video sources. They provide output in the visual form in a display; the video adapter gets a signal from the computer. Now this video adaptor displays a particular graphic or text or any other character depending on the signal. Then, the adaptor sends it to the display system which has been connected to the device via a connection. But, before sending any signal, the adapters render it first. Rendering means to convert a single instruction into several instructions. These instructions tell a display device how to draw the graphic. The display device that has been connected to the computer will decide how the character or the information will be displayed to the user. In this section, you will study about various   types   of displays and their properties.

Display Types

  • LCD (Liquid crystal display)
  • Plasma Display
  • Projection System
  • OLED (organic light emitting diode) Display

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