Decryption is a process of converting encoded/encrypted data in a form that is readable and understood by a human or a computer. This method is performed by un-encrypting the text manually or by using keys used to encrypt the original data.

Difference between Encryption and Decryption

What isIt is a process of converting normal data into an unreadable form. It helps you to avoid any unauthorized access to dataIt is a method of converting the unreadable/coded data into its original form.
ProcessWhenever the data is sent between two separate machines, it is encrypted automatically using a secret key.The receiver of the data automatically allows you to convert the data from the codes into its original form.
Location of ConversionThe person who is sending the data to the destination.The receiver receives the data and converts it.
ExampleAn employee is sending essential documents to his/her manager.The manager is receiving the essential documents from his/her employee.
Use of AlgorithmThe same algorithm with the same key is used for the encryption-decryption process.The only single algorithm is used for encryption and decryption with a pair of keys where each use for encryption and decryption.
Major functionTransforming humanly understandable messages into an incomprehensible and obscure form that cannot be interpreted.It is a conversion of an obscure message into an understandable form which is easy to understand by a human.
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