DBMS(Data Base Management System)

DBMS(Data Base Management System)

 DBMS is a set of programs used for creating, managing and operating database. It is used for database operation and manipulations. Example: Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, MS Access.

Functions of DBMS

The functions/ objectives of DBMS are:

  • To provide storage area for mass amount of relevant data.
  • To make access to the data easy for the end-user.
  • To provide prompt response to users request for data.
  • To make the latest modification to the database available immediately.
  • To eliminate data redundancy (duplication of data).
  • To allow multiple users to be active at one time.
  • To allow the growth of database.
  • To protect the data from the physical harm and unauthorized access.

Different Between DBMS AND RDBMS

                                DBMS                             RDBMS
DBMS stand for Database Management System   RDBMS stand for Relational Database Management System
DBMS application store data as file RDBMS application stores data in a tabular form
Normalization is not present in DBMS Normalization is present  
It does not contain relation between table It contains relation between table  
It doesn’t apply any security with regards to data manipulation It define different integrity constrains for the data manipulation
It doesn’t support distributed database It support distributed data base
It designed for handling small amount of data, single user in a small organization It designed to handle large amount of data, multiple users in a large organization

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