ccc courses



  1. Introduction to Computer.
  1. Introduction to GUI Based Operating.
  • Basic of Operating system
  • The user interface
  • Operating system simple setting
    changing system data and time
    changing Display Properties
    To add or Remove a windows Component
    Changing mouse properties

Adding or Removing Printers

  • File and Directory management
  • Types of files
  1. Elements of Word Processing.
  • Word processing basics
  • Opening and closing Documents
  • Text Creation and Manipulation
  • Formatting the Text
  • Table manipulation
  1. Spreadsheet
  • Elements of Electronic Spreadsheet
  • Manipulating of cells
  • Function and charts
  1. Introduction to Internet ,WWW and Web Browsers.
  • Basics of Computer Networks
    Local Area Network (LAN)
    Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Internet
  • Services on Internet
  • Preparing computer for Internet Access
  • Web Browsing Software
  • Configuring Web Browser
  • Search Engine
  1. Communication and Collaboration.
  • Basics of E-mail
  • Using E-mails
  • Advance E-mail Features
  • Instant messaging & collaboration
  1. Application of presentations
  • Basics of Power point
  • Creation of presentation
  • Preparation of slides
  • Providing Aesthetics
  • Presentation of slides
  • Slide show
  1. Application of Digital Financial.
  • Introduction
  • Why Saving are needed
  • Drawbacks of keeping cash at home
  • Why bank is needed
  • Banking Products
  • Documents for Opening Accounts
  • Banking services Delivery
  • Insurance
  • Various Schemes
  • Bank of your mobile


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