Connectivity Software

Connectivity Software

At times, there is a requirement to carry out troubleshooting to resolve problem related to networking. But, if you are at a distant location, then troubleshooting may become difficult. Connectivity software solves this problem by providing the facility to establish connection from one machine to another machine, which is a remote desktop connection. This enables you to see the desktop of the machine located at the remote location. In addition, it also allows you to monitor the action performed on that machine. Microsoft provides the built-in tools named Remote Desktop connection (in newer operating systems) that allows users to access the application installed on the remote computer. Besides the built-in tools, various commercial tools, such as and GoToMyPC, provide more enhanced working and functionality.

By using commercial as well as built-in tools, you can monitor or control the working of a machine. These tools allow you to view what action is performed when they encounter a problem. These tools facilitate you to control and monitor both the machines. Let’s now learn about the traceroute utility.


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