Compatibility Issues Related to RAM

Compatibility Issues Related to RAM

The following guidelines must be kept in mind and followed to avoid any RAM compatibility issue:

  • The format of motherboard and DIMM must be exactly the same.
  • You can install different modules of variant capacity. It is recommended to install the largest module in the lowest numbered slot.
  • You should configure multi-channel systems with identical memory modules for each channel to achieve best performance and reliability.
  • You can mix the modules from different dealers and vendors but remember, this may cause problems with multi-channel configurations.
  • You cannot mix the ECC memory and non-parity memory. It should be supported by the motherboard. • You can also not mix registered memory and unbuffered memory and the motherboard should support them.
  • The speed of the modules and the motherboard should be the same. However, you can mix different speeds by adding faster modules or slower than the motherboard.
  • You can easily remove and insert memory modules but you must ensure that the memory is in the correct configuration and suitable for the system.
  • Removal of Memory Modules: You can remove DIMM memory modules by releasing the catches at either end. You must avoid touching the chips and use hands to holds to hold the module by the edge.


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