It is an IC present on the motherboard that is responsible for the creation of a communication channel between the CPU and various components like memory, and peripheral devices connected to the motherboard. Without a chipset, all the different parts will not be able to talk to the central processing unit and this will directly affect the performance of the computer. Chipset consists of two parts

North Bridge: User should know that every motherboard is consisted of the CPU. The CPU is connected through a thing, called the Northbridge. One understands that the connection between the CPU and the Northbridge is done through the graphic slot and the memory. Hence at this small place, too much communication takes place. The north bridge has the reputation of emitting some good heat and one would find a fan right there over it to cool it down.

South Bridge: One would also find a thing called the Southbridge. One must understand that this is responsible for connecting the some other deceives with the computer and they all are working together to ensure that stability of computer’s operations. While the north bridge would be found near the CPU, the south bridge would be found at some ideal geographical place where it can get connected to many other devices.

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