Characteristics of Computer

Concept & Characteristics of Computer

A computer is a programmable electronic device that accepts raw data and processes the data into useful information. It usually consists of a microprocessor that does all the processing (such as arithmetic and logical operations). The computer is controlled by instructions in its memory, or the instructions given by a user, and mainly performs four basic operations as: input, processing, output, and storage.

The computer consists of software and hardware. Software is the set of instructions that run the computer by telling the hardware what to do, whereas the hardware is any physical part of the computer. Hardware can be further categorized into input devices such as a keyboard or mouse, processing device such as the central processing unit (CPU), and output device such as a display screen (monitor) or printer.

Today, a computer is designed for general-purpose, and to be used by a single person at a given time, and it is appropriately called a personal computer or PC. This can be a desktop computer or a laptop computer (more portable). A PC comes in many other shapes and sizes, such as mobile phones, tablets, and game consoles. PC is a user-friendly device that is used at homes, offices, banks, and for various other purpose related to education, work, and entertainment.


  • Automatic   

It carries out a job normally without any human intervention

  • Speed   

It can perform several billion (10*) simple arithmetic operations per second

  • Accuracy 

It performs every calculation with the same accuracy

  • Diligence 

It is free from monotony , tiredness , and lack of conversation

  • Versatility

It can perform a wide variety of tasks

  • Memory 

It can store huge amount of information and can recall any piece of this information whenever required

  • NO I. Q. 

It cannot take its own decision and has to be instructed what to do and in what sequence

  • No Feeling 

It cannot make judgments based on feeling and instincts

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