Brute Force

Brute Force

Brute force is a type of the attack in which the attacker cracks the password or other personal information. Brute force is based on the trial-and-error method where the intruder generates a number of consecutive guesses or a set of predetermined values to crack the password or attack a target. The intruder keeps on analysing the responses until they get success. It is a time-consuming method especially when there are large numbers of values that needs to be analysed.

One of the most common examples of the brute force attack is the dictionary attack. In this attack, the attacker uses all words of a dictionary to crack the password. Criminals generally use this dictionary attack to crack the sensitive and encrypted data whereas the security analysts of the organisation uses this method for testing the security of the network. However, attackers do not prefer to use this type of attack when it is required to generate complex password, temporary lock and there is a limited time.



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