Behaviour of Trojans Infected Target

  • The CD drawer of a computer opens and closes.
  • The computer screen changes, either flipping or inverting.
  • Screen settings change by themselves.
  • Documents print with no explanation.
  • The browser is redirected to a strange or unknown web page.
  • The Windows color settings change.
  • Screen saver settings change.
  • The right and left mouse buttons reverse their functions.
  • The mouse pointer disappears.
  • The mouse pointer moves in unexplained ways.
  • The Start button disappears.
  • Chat boxes appear.
  • The Internet service provider (ISP) reports that the victim’s computer is running port scans.
  • People chatting with you appear to know detailed personal information about you.
  • The system shuts down by itself.
  • The taskbar disappears.
  • Account passwords are changed
  • Legitimate accounts are accessed without authorization.
  • Unknown purchase statements appear on credit card bills.
  • Modems dial and connect to the Internet by themselves.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del stops working.
  • When the computer is rebooted, a message states that other users are still connected.

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