Automated Password Cracking

automated password cracking uses algorithm to crack passwords automated password cracking provides attacker an ease and is quite faster than manual password cracking

  • Dictionary attack 
  1. In the dictionary attack , firstly the encryption algorithm uses is found
  2. The encrypted password is than obtained
  3. From the lists of password , each password is encrypted using the same encryption algorithm and matched with original encrypted password ( obtained in step 2 )
  4. It matches each encrypted password with original encrypted password, until the match is found
  5. If match is found it show the password else the procedure is repeated again.

Attack speed is around 250-300 words per second

  • Lan Manager Hash 

LM Hash is a algorithm

by which the password are encrypted .

     Algorithm of LM HASH 

  1. Suppose the password created is 234567xyzabcd_.
  2. Firstly , all the characters are converted into uppercase letters , i.e. 234567XYZABCD_.
  3. If the password is less than 14 characters in length , null is added until the length of 14.
  4. Now the password is split into half , i.e 234567X and YZABCD_.
  5. Each half is separately encrypted and the result  is concatenated
  6. Now to crack the alpha-numeric part (first half ) it take more than 20 hours . whereas it takes less than 5 minutes to crack the alphabetic part (second half )
  • Salting

Salting is a prevention mechanism for the passwords it disables or prevents deriving of the passwords               from the lists of passwords . in salting , the two different hashes may contain same passwords , hence the         representation differs.

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