AMD Processors and Sockets

AMD Processors and Sockets

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Incorporation is a semiconductor company that develops processors for business and consumer markets. It is the second largest supplier after Intel for developing 8086 based microprocessors.

 AMD Processors Domain

The AMD range of processors is as follows:

  • Athlon

AMD produced the consumer brand known as Athlon in June 1999; the first processor to have reached 1GHz (Gigahertz) speed. The current Athlon 64 is the eighth-generation processor with modernized versions having FX and X2 variants. Athlon has repositioned its market value by reintroducing Athlon II.

  • Phenom

The phenom CPU brand Athlan was replaced by the latest range: Phenom II


  • Sempron

Sempron completes with Intel Celeron and is the AMD budget brand for processors. The newest AMD brands listed below have replaced the CPUs mentioned above.

  • Accelerated processing Unit (APU)

This CPU range combines a CPU and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).the first series of APUs had led to the A-series of desktop CPUs.


  • FX

This CPU brand is designed for high-end gamming, multi-media editing and segment for workstations.

  • Opteron

This AMD brand competes with Intel Xeon, aiming at the server and workstation market.


AMD Sockets

The form factor use for AMD processor chip is Pin Grid Array (PGA) that fits into the Zero Insertion Forced (ZIP) socket on the motherboard. In PGA, the contact pins are located underside the processor. There are many AMD socket type that have emerged over the years.



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