All-in-One PC

All-in-One PC

An all-in-one PC is a slim and compact desktop computer that integrates the computer components into the monitor case. It contains all necessary computer parts such as the system unit and speakers in one unit, except the mouse and keyboard.

Advantages of All in One Computer:

  • The major advantage of All in One computer is, it takes very less space compared to desktop. The desktop computer is bulky and requires more space but AIO computer needs very less space.
  • The All In One computer is very attractive compared to desktop. It gives your working place a modern look.
  • AIO computer doesn’t need much wire connections. You can buy and plug-in the wire and can start using it. A desktop can be a confusing process to configure.
  • It has the inbuilt camera for the video conferencing.
  • It consumes the less electrical power than the desktop.
  • No need to purchase the monitor separately as it has all the components in the one box.
  • AIO computer generates less heat and it is good for the environment as well.
  • To run a desktop we need many cable connections like power cable, monitor cable, keyboard cable, mouse cable, speaker cable and many others if available. In AIO computer we generally need a power cable, keyboard cable, and mouse cable. Even we can reduce more cable connections by using wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • It comes with the touch screen feature.

Disadvantages of All In One Computer:

Before you go and buy the All In One computer, I recommend you to read the disadvantages of AIO computer as well.

  • The AIO computer has the less powerful components compared to the desktop.
  • All In One computer normally comes with the laptop version of CPU which generates the less power.
  • If you are a gamer then you must think twice before buying AIO computer because it has the laptop version of graphics card and CPU.
  • You can not upgrade the internal components expect RAM (perhaps) due to restrictions.
  • As it has the CPU and graphics card same as the laptop so the laptop is better than AIO because you can carry the laptop anywhere with you.
  • If you are a downloading fan guy then you should not buy the AIO because of memory restrictions but if you want then grab the 2 TB hard drive.


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