Advantages & disadvantages of website



  • The information is available to be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • The information within a site can be quickly accessed. There is no need to sift through several pages.
  • The site may provide links to other sites on the same topic
  • The site can be updated to always provide the latest information.
  • The site creator/author doesn’t need to be present when someone is retrieving information.
  • The author can usually be contacted through an emailing address or a message board connected to the site.
  • There is no need to carry a hard copy of information with you. (No heavy book)
  • You can look at more than one page or source at the one time by having numerous windows.
  • Information is easy to gather and print selectively.
  • Easy to use the information to create your own resource.
  • You can peruse the information at leisure taking as much time as needed.
  • Saves a trip to the library.




  • It may be difficult for researchers to locate, especially if there are many similar sites.
  • Because it is not “published” or authorized by a reputable source, the site may be disregarded as inaccurate.
  • The information on the site may not be reliable.
  • Information may be interpreted incorrectly or used inappropriately.
  • A connection to the web is needed to access the information, which will be impossible if a computer and connection is not available.
  • It may be difficult to reach your target audience.
  • Because the author is not present when others are retrieving information there is no opportunity to ask questions or have things explained in greater detail etc.
  • The site may go down or the computer may crash.
  • Site may be difficult to use if experience with the internet is limited.


As it can be seen, website format has both its strengths and weaknesses.     Its complexity is its advantage but may also be its downfall. Careful consideration should be made when deciding which medium is best to present information. These include things such as who is the target audience and whether the simplicity of an overhead or a piece of paper may be a more desirable option.


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