About Windows Enumeration

The Microsoft Windows operating system is designed to be used as either a stand-alone or networked environment; however, for this discussion you will assume a networked setup only. In the Windows world, securing access to resources, objects, and other components is handled through many mechanisms, with some common threads as covered here. You need to know how access to resources such as file shares and other items is managed. Windows uses a model that can be best summed up as defining who gets access to what resources. For example, a user gets access to a file share or printer.

  • Users
  • Guest
  • Administrator
  • Local Service
  • Network Service
  • System
  • Current User
  • Groups
  • Anonymous Logon
  • Batch
  • Creator Group
  • Creator Owner
  • Everyone
  • Interactive
  • Network
  • Restricted
  • Self
  • Service
  • System
  • Terminal Server User
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