output devices

An output devices is a part of computer hardware equipment , used to communicate the results of data processing which are carried out by the information processing system (such as a computer ) , to the outside world. Output devices carry the result of various operations performed by the UserContinue Reading

A graphics tablet ( or digitisers, digitising tablet, or simply tablet ) is an input devices that consists of an electronice writing area and a special pen that works with it. It allows artists to create hand-made images and graphical images  with motion and action, similar to the way aContinue Reading

It is a Pointing devices that allows to control the movement of the pointer  ( also known as Mouse pointer) on screen . Mouse performs various functions by detecting two -dimensional motion relatively to its supporting surface.Generally, a mouse has two buttons-right button and left button. Mouse also includes aContinue Reading

A pointing devices is used to communicate with the computer by pointing to the locations on the monitor.It can also be used for sending command signals to the computer. selecting items on the screen. selecting commands from command menu. drawing graphics, sketches, etc. Some commonly used pointing devices are mouse,Continue Reading